Activest is a voice for fiscal justice. We define fiscal justice as the equity of municipal budgets. We believe that communities that treat their residents fairly realize stronger fiscal outcomes. Our approach blends economic modeling, financial analysis, and social policy research to advance racial justice in municipal finance.



Investment Research

Analyzing municipal budgets for fiscal justice and developing fiscal justice investment strategies for municipal investors.

Activest is partnering with Adasina to launch a first-of-its-kind municipal investment strategy that invests in racial justice outcomes in Black communities, recently mentioned in MarketWatch.

Bondholder Engagement

Organizing and activating bondholders through issue campaigns.

In September 2019, Activest, in partnership with ACRE Campaigns, launched our first bondholder engagement campaign. The campaign urges municipal investors to pressure the City of Chicago to stop using funds from the City’s general obligation bonds to cover municipal legal settlement costs as a result of police misconduct.
Our Letter to Investors PDF
ACRE's Chicago Case Study PDF

Municipal Advisory

Creating financial products for municipalities to advance fiscal justice, especially those that advance outcomes in communities of color.

With support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Activest created a guide for communities to understand the social justice implications of local government infrastructure.










Activest is leveraging financial markets to help drive change in communities. Stay updated on the project by following us on social media or contact us.

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